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plantigrade adj : (of mammals) walking on the whole sole of the foot [ant: digitigrade]

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  1. In the context of "of an animal": walking with the entire sole of the foot on the ground.


walking with the entire sole of the foot
  • Spanish: plantígrado



  1. A plantigrade animal


an animal that walks with the entire sole of the foot
  • Spanish: plantígrado



  • Chinese:
    日本語: 蹠行動物
  • Finnish: kanta-astuja
  • French: plantigrade
  • German: Fersengänger

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In mammals, plantigrade locomotion means walking with the podials and metatarsals flat on the ground.
Humans and primates are examples of plantigrade species; in humans, the podials and metatarsals constitute the sole of the foot. Other plantigrade species include raccoons, opossums, bears, rabbits, weasels, mice, pandas, rats, hyraxes, skunks and hedgehogs.
The members of the extinct mammalian order Creodonta displayed plantigrade locomotion. This may have led to their extinction as they were supplanted by the more efficient Carnivora. It seems that at least some pterosaurs were plantigrade as well.
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